Important features of an air purifier

When you are looking for an air purifier for your home, you will want to know what the important features are that come with an air purifier and what these different features are good for. Of course, you want to get one that looks good and appears to be made out of good quality, but more importantly you want one that has the necessary components to actually do its job.

Here are some important things to take into account when looking for an air purifier:

air-purifier-for-smokeHEPA Filters – The way that HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters work and why they are important for your air purifier is that it basically acts as a trap for pollutants such as mold or dust while allowing the air pass through and be purified. HEPA Filters can be designed differently and some can stop contaminants larger than 3.0 microns, while others can stop even smaller ones which is really what you want when it comes to getting the job done).

Strength of the fan motor - An air purifier that works optimally is one that has a high functioning fan motor. Why? Because a stronger motor means more air exchange resulting in the air being purified better and quicker.

Ultraviolet bulb – What makes an ultraviolet bulb on an air purifier effective is that rather than filter the particles, it incinerates them with the light. Obviously an ultraviolet bulb used in conjunction with an air filter is doubly effective.

Remote control – Why this is not a necessarily important feature of an air purifier, it is one that many users like to have. You can change the fan speeds, etc. with your remote control, making it easy for you if you are already in bed or busy in another area of your home.

Air Change Per Hour (ACH) – An ACH is basically the number of times that the purifier filters air within the span of an hour. Why does this matter? For people whose health depends on air purifiers functioning well, it matters, as they need a rate of up to 4 air changes an hour to ensure purified air and dust-free spaces in their home.

best-air-purifier-for-allergiesSpeeds – Different speeds mean different levels of noise and this matters when it comes to being able to rest well. Make sure to check out speed components on air purifiers and the sound levels that are found on them to ensure that you can sleep well even with your air purifier running.

Odor Removal/Carbon Technology – Different people buy air purifiers for different reasons and one of these reasons may be for odor removal. While many of the benefits of using an air purifier are health-related, it doesn’t hurt that you can ensure a nice smelling home at all times. This is especially attractive for people who own pets and love them, but don’t necessarily love the smell of animal in their homes.